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    The white puppy mascot of Moaicity, JuJu, dreamed becoming an astronaut, as the result, he started a series of development. Come to help JuJu with his dream, let’s make a great adventure in the outer space!

    ★Game Introduction★
    This is a flying game. Your mission in this game is helping JuJu for fly to the moon and planet Pandora.

    In the process of flying, there have not only different bonus items like heart, energy, gold,… and so on, but also have many balloon, space shuttle, UFO, superman, batman, black hole…etc, which barricades will stop you flying up. Remember to dodge appropriate for avoid to be knocked with your head broken and bleeding.

    When it was half way flying, you might be out of energy or insufficient life blood. In this situation you can buy the upgrade items to prove your fly ability for extend the time in the sky.

    Hurry to help JuJu with outshot the earth!

    ★Game Features★
    - Various facial expressions of JuJu press player closer to flying.
    - Many different barricades challenge your reaction ability.
    - There always have supplements to add the life blood and energy of JuJu.
    - Invincible skill gives you a chance to rise from the dead.
    - Ten upgrade items help you strengthen the ability of JuJu.
    - Two scenes: Moon and planet Pandora give you more difficult challenge.

    ★Game Guide★
    - Shot button supply the power make JuJu flying up, you can use left and right button to control the way for avoid crash .
    - There are many hearts or energy supplement items for you in the process of flying, and gold can make you have more money shopping in the shop.
    - When eat the super star, JuJu will speed up to the sky!

    ★Supplement Item★
    - Heart: add life blood points
    - Lightning: add energy points
    - Gold bar: add money

    There have special extra supplements in the Pandora scene wait for your exploration!

    - Neck: speed up flying
    - Puppy bowl: add the maximum of life blood points
    - Energy tub: add the maximum of energy points
    - Cap: reduce life blood damage
    - Pip: add suction power
    - Joystick: add more control
    - Superman suit: add the supplement speed of invincible button
    - Vitamin: reduce the energy expense speed
    - Cape: add the maximum of speed
    - Clover: add the frequency appearance of supplements

    Balloon, flying lantern, plane, satellite, superman, batman, stony meteorite, shooting star, UFO, black hole, space shuttle

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