Jumping Bird




    Welcome to Jumping Bird - the fun and addictive platformer game!

    Jumping Bird is a fun and challenging game that will put a spring into your step...literally! Join our adventurous bird in Jumping Bird as he hops ever-higher through the wild jungle! Work your way through 25 crazy levels or see how high you can climb in Infinite mode!

    Do you have what it takes to soar sky-high in Jumping Bird? Jumping Bird is an adventure like none other! Hop onto platforms but make sure that you don’t fall! Boost yourself with trampolines and collect leaves along the way! Who knows what challenges you may face in Jumping Bird?

    Tilt your device to move across the screen - Jumping Bird is easy to pick up yet difficult to master! Score points and see if you can beat each level in one try - but beware: each level is more difficult than the last with new challenges that will arise!

    Swoop past soaring eagles without hitting them, watch out for crumbling platforms and land on the infamous moving platforms - do you have what it takes to complete all 25 levels? Up for a challenge? Play endlessly in Infinite mode and see how many points you can score!

    So - can you take on the challenge? Find out in Jumping Bird!

    - Fun and addictive gameplay that the whole family can enjoy!
    - Intuitive and easy to pick up controls.
    - 25 entertaining levels in Arcade mode!
    - Endless gameplay in Infinite mode!
    - Online records
    - Now you can collect points and publish your score in InfinityMode, show your results to your friends and challenge him.

    Help the little baby bird that fell from it's nest.

    Small tips

    He doesn't know how to fly yet, but he can jump.

    Help him get back to his nest.

    Tilt the phone to move the bird.

    Don't touch others birds, they will knock you down.

    Try get feathers to get 3 stars

    Use trampolines for high jump.

    This season the birds family will be happy together when the jumping bird come to the nest

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