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    ####******4 Step Undo/Redo option, Random Color Brush, Simple Brush Settings ******####

    Kids Drawing Play, a good android drawing app for kids. It’s basically designed for kid’s easy to use painting on canvas. It supports all colors and some defined bitmap. Kids got fun for random generated pattern with random color. Kids also type their name with different colors. There has a different size of brushes with custom opacity. And undo, redo option. It gives your kids real experience of drawing with simple user interface. Shortly it’s a colorful and graceful world for kids. I believe they will love it. I believe strongly every kid has a very high potential to do any creative task with the greatest success. Just way is needed to make up their latent talent. I hope kids love it.
    Children's book is not the only way for kids education. Baby toys can also help a baby to learn. Besides learning from baby books a baby or a child can learn letters, numbers and shapes from here. There is an option to write letters and words so that kids can learn in a colorful way. Thus learning becomes an enjoyment for them. Various beautiful colors are there for kids to paint their imagination according to their choice. Along with other kids toys and coloring games kids parents can choose this app for their infant. It can be a gifted education for them. Even a new born can sketch here and enjoying painting. No extra coloring materials is need babies will just do finger paint. Here they can have ideas of basic shapes with their finger, study besides their painting. Hope children will have huge fan from this app.
    Wonderful shapes, beautiful patterns and unlimited design can be generated here. I think this design can be helpful for printing media. Textile and garments sectors can also use this shapes and gorgeous pattern if they wish with their added creativity.
    I have tried my best to attract kid’s affection in drawing with their greatest innovation and interest.

    Some positive Reviews:
    - Best game First i tried a regular drawing game it suck but this one is awesome
    - Fun This game is really cool. Great for relaxing and being creative.
    - Krista Harbsta I loved the brilliant
    - Very fun You should get it
    - Hello I am new never spelled something but this game is great was the custom :)
    - Amazing colors
    - Love it This is so cool the first thing is when I first got this app I started to freek
    - AWESOME You got to get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - It looks like a beautiful game
    - It's really cool good for all the ages
    - Unknown Beautiful
    - It's fun This is fun and colorful.
    - Excellent game love it thank you for sharing it I know my granddaughters grandsons will just love it

    Features –
    - User friendly UI
    - Create random pattern and shapes
    - Random Blur color
    - Paint brush with three different sizes
    - Different path types
    - Undo and Redo option (************unless undo button click redo option can be used for clear canvas***********)
    - Eraser
    - Custom color and opacity
    - Text type draws on canvas

    Summary -
    - Fun to use, like a doodle.
    - Draw on kids drawing play pad like a magic.
    - Drawing is useful for all of your artistic needs.
    - Draw your own art on it. Create Unique art and share with friends and family.
    - Draw scratch Doodle to create unique Doodle art on it.

    What's New -
    - Different types of shape patten.
    - Different types of line effect
    - Letter case, Number etc.

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