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    Get Ready for Halloween Kids !

    ★ Memory is a skill we all use everyday and the stronger the better. So, start improving your memory today with fun memory games for kids.

    ★ Why the memory game? It requires efficient use of both the short term memory and long term memory.

    ★ Memory games have been delighting and teaching children for generations. You probably remember playing them in your own childhood. Memory games are not just fun, they are also educational. Playing these Memory games with your child teaches non-verbal skills such as attention to detail and concentration. They stimulate children's ability to notice and think about the visual physical differences and similarities between objects using their visual memory or attention to their environment. These games are fun ways to teach differences and similarities in categories of objects and people.

     This is a Monster Memory Match Game which will give a familiar feeling of one of the favourite festival… Halloween.

    ★ Kids Monster Memory Match has different levels of challenging fun. It could also be called as Kids Halloween Memory Match.

    ★ Kids Learn Halloween Game has got your kid acquainted with Halloween related things, now let them have fun with this Kids Monster Matching Game.

    ★ Kids learn very quickly through play. Kids Monster Memory Match is an interactive educational game through which your child can develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills.

    ★ Features of the game:
    - It will help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination & observation skills.
    - It will help in improvement of your child’s memory.
    - Test your memory by matching the pictures with observation & concentration.

    ★ How to play Kids Halloween Memory Match
    - Tap on a tile to turn it over and reveal a monster. Then tap on the second tile, trying to find the matching monster. If the monsters match, the tiles are removed from the board. Try to see how few taps you need to remove all of the tiles.

    ★ Kids learn faster than adults. They have more grasping power. Thus all basic things are taught in childhood. Kids learning should be fun. Learning for kids should not be a task but a fun thing. There are many kids learning games available in market. You as a parent want to give your kid the best of it. Learning games is easier than learning books. Learning games for kids should be colorful and attractive. Plus the kids games should be educational. Educational kids games help kids to learn faster and with interest. Kids educational games should be fun games for kids. Kids should say, “it’s a cool game”. If the kids enjoy the game it will be easier to learn.

    ★ It is said that ‘Humans are only fully Human when they Play’; well, then “Kids will be only fully Kids when they play”. And what would be better if they learn while playing! Research also shows that kids, who enjoy learning, learn quicker and memorize better than those who are forced to learn and study. So why not make learning fun and play.

    ★ We at UPUP are trying to do the same – Make your child enjoy learning.

    ★ UPUP gives you all these- free games for kids, educational games for kids, fun educational games for kids, ESL for kids
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