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    KittyCatch is a fun, addictive, casual game which takes inspiration from such titles as the famed Fruit Ninja. KittyCatch differs from similar titles with more diverse game mechanics, fun animal based enemies, beautiful hand drawn HD graphics and CATS!

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    - Help ensure the safe journey home of the kitties cruelly abandoned by mean girl, Courtney.

    - You, as the player, must save as many cats as possible as they float around the world visiting fourteen unique locations and facing ferocious enemies.

    - Enemies jump quickly and randomly, so think fast and react quickly or you'll lose more cute kitties. Swiping enemies is often better than tapping as it is possible to swipe multiple enemies at one time for combos.

    - Be challenged by the never ending onslaught of enemies trying to eat our cute kitties as they try to return home carried by the wind. Be sure to watch carefully for bonus gifts that give special powers to cats to help them escape!

    -KittyCatch takes advantage of the Starling framework for fast GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) accelerated graphics. This allows KittyCatch to display many Animated characters and scene effects, such as weather, all rendered simultaneously on modern mobile devices. REVIEW:

    WARNING: In the view of some people KittyCatch may be considered violent. KittyCatch has cartoon animated violence and simple Blood effects. It is possible to turn off Blood if you wish.

    Visit Mosquitosoft to see high-rez artwork from KittyCatch, also visit the Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages if you like KittyCatch or would like to post comments.

    PERFORMANCE: It is recommended that KittyCatch be installed on a modern smartphone. This means best performance will be achieved with a dual core device, something in the class of a Samsung Galaxy S2 (approx 3 years old). If you are experiencing choppy game-play or slow performance I recommend going to the settings menu of KittyCatch and disabling BLOOD effects and WEATHER. For me this allows for KittyCatch to be played on single core and older devices.

    Kitty Catch is the work of a single individual, Glen Goring creator of Mosquitosoft Studios.

    Visit Mosquitosoft at:

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