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    Have you tuned into the Australian SBS TV channel lately? Go and see the show Letters and Numbers. Its similar to the UK Countdown TV show.

    This app helps you solve both the numbers and letters parts of the game - Don't wait for the contestants to think.

    Let me use a simple mathematical expression using all the six numbers to get the required answer. Let’s work through a simple example. Let our target number be 281. We need 6 numbers - lets choose the numbers 5, 50, 3, 10, 3 and 2. These numbers can be solved in a few different ways. My app displays the first that is found. To avoid confusion of how result is calculated I include all possible brackets.

    Hence to obtain a result of 281, the first answer I find, will be the formula ((5*(50+3))+10)+(3*2).

    Lots of options but you can stick to the TV rules if you wish.

    The other part of this game very quickly finds a word from a nine letter word database. It unscrambles your 7 to 9 letters - (sort of frying eggs backwards - just joking). Again let’s work through a simple example. Lets choose the letters T H P I S T E R A . The obvious answer is HIPSTER, but did you get THERAPIST ?

    Some of you will already have seen my other mathematically helper - the Train Game Solver. Many people on buses and trains try and make a simple formula to get the answer 10. That Train Game Solver does just that. This app is more flexible - and took more neurons to make, that’s for sure.

    And yes - some you may have already eaten your breakfast using my tasty recipe. It’s also free and available.

    Will run on android phones with verion 2.3 or above (I hope).

    ps Words (get it) of advice
    Don't use this app whilst walking across a road. It will work just as fine after you have safely crossed.

    Kind regards
    Chocolate Smash Cake

    (Always helps to have a tiny piece of chocolate daily. Just remember to use Earth days, not tennis ball competition revolution times.

    ps If you spot the bug in this app (I don't think there are any but you just never never know), please don't hit your phone to squash it.

    Remember this is a FREE app.

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    Bradley AllenHolland

    by Bradley AllenHolland

    Jun 26, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Instead of using 5, it used -5 to do it.