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    A microb world, a confusing game

    • Ads are annoying and has many permissions
    • Confusing

    "Microb Population"

    Micro Life - Microbs Wars is an arcade game where you need to create a microb population and see it change.

    Each cell has 8 near cells and your task is to make sure you survive with no more than three but no less than 2 near microb cells. The instructions are rather confusing and we haven't been able to understand the game very well.

    Graphics could be improved, as well as the user inteface and tutorial.

    Aleksey Taranov is the developer of this game and other poor quality applications for Android and iOS.

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    Sep 02, 2013


    Create microbs population and look how it changes.

    Each cell has 8 near cells: 4 side and 4 corner.

    1. If microb cell has less than 2 near microb cells - it dies.
    2. If microb cell has more than 3 near microb cells - it dies.
    3. If empty cell has exactly 3 near microb cells - it produces new microb cell.

    There are 3 basic formation types:

    1. Stable - do not change.
    2. Pulsing - repeat their formation periodically.
    3. Moving - move to the specific direction.

    You can choose some of them clicking on - Select button.

    You can also make real battle clicking - Play Game button.
    Click button Your Army - you can put your cells (blue).
    Enemy 1 has red cells, Enemy 2 - green cells, Enemy 3 - yellow cells.
    To finish battle mode - click Clear button.

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