Lucky Stars Pro Pop all Stars

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    Total price is just 1/8 of the App Store version, for as many as 5 magic tools for each item,

    The most popular Pop Star games from iOS, over 1 million downloads, and now available on Google Play Market. Transplated from the original Seller, and Quality Assuranced!

    To embrace your dreams, to pop all Same Stars in the night sky! Once you start, you can't stop!

    The play rule is the same as all other *same* games,
    - tap at least 2 neighbouring stars with the same color
    - pop them with the most stars
    - achieve the highest score you've ever got.

    The scoring rule is simple
    - The more stars you pop, the more scores you will get.
    (Formula: Score = Stars * Stars * 5)

    - Try to clear all stars in the sky, the least stars you left, the more bonus you will get.
    (Formula: Bonus = 2000 - Stars * Stars * 20), you will get 2000 bonus after all stars are cleared.

    Magic tools are important here! Click the magic tool to enable it, or click it again to disable it.
    - brush in different color : brush one star to the same color as the brush;
    Useful when you try to connect as more stars as you can, to achieve higher score.

    - bomb: explode one star and its neighbouring stars, that is, 3x3 grid;
    Useful to clear the left stars, to get more bonus.

    - hammer, knock out one star.
    Useful when you try to connect more same neighbouring stars to achieve more scores

    The above magic tools are FREE for once in each play.
    You can also buy more magic tools!
    It is really useful to achieve the higher score, you have the tips!

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