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    Fond of incantations and magic, the arcane and the mundane? Want to mesmerize the audience and have their minds boggled by your spells and tricks? Magic Shop is here to put a stop to your search for magic and miracles! This latest time management game is a call out to all the magic lovers who want to flaunt their talent!

    Put on your magic hat! It’s all about how you use the time! Enchant everyone - including your friends and family and let them guessing from where you got all the amazing stuff; from wands to spells and charms to potions - name it and we have it in the Magic Shop! Run your Magic Shop with speed and wisdom - as Magic in wrong hands can do harm beyond measure! With Magic Shop, you earn power and money, both! Let loose of the magician inside you and let your imagination go wild. Unlock achievements and share your game stats with fellow witches and wizards of the Magical Kingdom. Be the David Copperfield of your time!

    Well, well - are you ready for a magical story?

    ✔ Exciting time management gameplay that keeps you engaged for hours.
    ✔ 15+ unlockables to keep the game experience fresh and evolving and to give the player a sense of growth as your magic shop garners more fame.
    ✔ Innovative and accessible interface optimized for touch-based devices that lets you play casually with a single hand as fast and fluidly as you would with both.
    ✔A whole set of achievements to unlock and brag about over Google Play Games*.
    ✔ Endless progression – watch your magic shop get bigger and better as you progress further in this magical story.
    ✔Several unique customers, each with their own behavior patterns and requirements.
    ✔ Colorful, vibrant visuals; with an art style that appeals to kids and adults alike.

    * All achievements are in-game only at the moment. Google Play Games support to be added in the future.

    Magic Shop - Copyright © ICAW – 2013

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