Mama Vrs. Adult Son Demo




    This is the new edition of the demo, just uploaded Sat. morning Aug. 3rd. It takes a few hours for Google play to post an app, so if you don't see big subtitles when you click Mama, be sure to download this demo later Saturday. Especially do so if you downloaded the first version. Mama is now easier to understand. It was impractical to rehire celebrity BARBARA RICHARDSON to record additional voice bites, so has a new system of subtitle cards. The original voice bites are still there and also you now have a volume control to lower the music to hear speech easier. A game where you play the son of a hard-to-please mother. Did I mention that last year she won 6 million BUCKs in the lottery?
    The demented object of the game is to convince Mama to leave her money to you instead of the CAT FOUNDATION.
    The win bar fills when you buy Mama gifts from BUCKS earned by doing tasks for Mama. Answer Mama's questions, feed her evil cat Raven, wash dishes, mow the lawn, get the mail, even sing her a song.Other MYSTERY TASKS pay everything in her loose change jar.
    You can only play as Mama's son, but in the full game win once to unlock PLAY AS DAUGHTER. The full game is out now.
    Because of the detailed graphics and complex play screen, Mama Vrs. Adult Son Demo is not designed to run on Android phones. This app works on 7 and 10 inch tablets.

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