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    "Hard to put down! I love it!"

    "Awesome app to an old arcade favorite. Love it. Love it. Love it."

    Catch the balls! Ad free version of Marble Catch.

    Cover the playfield to reach the next level and compete with others by registering your final score online. The game is free for everyone to download.

    There is both a high score for all time high and a weekly one. In the weekly one player scores hang around for 7 days before beeing removed.

    By swiping either horizontally or vertically and release you create a wall at your fingertip. Find a good strategy so that the balls does not collide with the walls while they are beeing constructed.

    The gameplay is similar to the old classics Qix and Jezzball where you trap ball to get points. Just like Jezzball the walls have two sides that individually can be destroyed. You can therefore loose two lives with one ball collision.

    Samsung Galaxy SII users should disable the sound if they encounter problems with the game.

    Built using the great libraries libgdx and box2d.

    Internet Permission is used for the high score system.

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