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    Meier is a great drinking game for a group of 2 persons to infinity. Promises lots of fun and drinking :)
    Also known as: Mäxchen, Meiern, Mäx(le), Lügenmax(-mäxchen), Schummelmax, Schwindelmäx, Mexican, Mexico, Meterpeter, Meier, lie (Lügen), Lügenpaschen, Riegen, twentyone.


    - 2 to infinity players
    - Can make pretty drunk ;)
    - Chic design
    - Different selectable backgrounds - Paints and Wallpapers
    - black, white, gray, blue, green, orange, pink, green pattern, blue pattern, bamboo and wood design
    - shake to roll (can be deactivated)
    - dice sound (can be deactivated)

    How to play:

    The game is played with two dice and a dice cup. Rolled in a clockwise direction. The Würfelnde may view the first litter covered. Then the mat is passed with the dice cups dice to the next player hidden, the points rolled have to be announced. If the player has not started the hand, its announcement must exceed the previously announced score. The hip score can be true or a lie. The next player has two options:

    he rolls himself as above and must announce a higher score

    he can doubt the announcement and looks at the cube
    Reveals a player, then get either a liar, or the unmasked doubters wrong to a minus point. Then begins the detective player to the next round. In the variant as a drinking game for every negative point has to be drunk immediately, a predetermined amount.

    The lowest value have different numbers. Here, the high as tens, interpreted as the lower digit. Above them the Pasch litters, so two equal numbers. At the highest Meier (or: Mäxhen/Maxie), 21 the combination This results in the following order: 31, 32, 41, 42, 43, 51, 52, 53, 54, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 21 Thirty-spoken, thirty-two, ..., Pasch ones (or one doubles), two doubles, is ..., Meier.

    If Meier/Maxie was announced, the dice person show this same time, as can be neither higher nor lied diced. The next player automatically loses (must pay to drink /receives a bar, etc.) and begin to roll the dice again. (Variant: All players must drink / pay / get a line, etc.) firmly the principle of rule of the game states that are of Passing a higher score must always announced.

    Another variation is to award a minus point and let the announcement as the players start over.

    Have fun playing and drinking ;)

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