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    Do you want your friend to pay for the next round of beer but they want you to pay for it? Both of you could play a quick game of Melon Reaction where the player with the lowest score buys the beer! Girlfriend want you to stay home and cuddle while you want to go out with the guys? Challenge her to a quick game of Melon Reaction - just make sure you don't lose! Got 30 seconds with nothing to do? Practice Melon Reaction so that when it counts, you can crank in the points!
    Melon Reaction is a simple, fast-paced game for testing your reaction skill. Various melons flash around a field, randomly pausing for you to catch them (tap on them). As the game progresses, the time you have for tapping a paused melon shortens. If you fail to tap a paused melon before it times out or if you tap before a melon pauses or if you tap but miss the paused melon, the game ends and displays your score.
    To mix things up a little, you want to avoid tapping a rotten melon. Rotten melons are easy to identify by the rot marks on them. Tapping a rotten melon will not end the game but it will subtract 1 from your overall score total at the end of the game.

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