Mijinko Puzzle




    It's a new type of puzzle game which makes lots of cute Mijinkos!

    Tap the blocks to feed Mijinkos in order to produce more!
    With big combos, rare Mijinkos can appear!

    How to Play
    The rules are simple.
    Quickly tap at least 3 blocks of the same color that are aligned together.
    The more you erase, the more Mijinkos you get.
    Increase your Mijinkos and aim for a high score!

    Erase as Many Blocks as You Can at Once
    You can produce rare Mijinkos when you erase many blocks at once!

    Make Combos
    You can make combos by erasing 3 or more blocks.
    As you continue making combos, you can produce rare Mijinkos!

    Get High Scores
    Your score depends on the numbers and kinds of Mijinko you get.
    Produce lots of rare Mijinkos to get a high score!

    Use Items
    By erasing many blocks, you can earn items.
    Use them at the right time to get a high score!

    Play with your Facebook friends!
    Have even more fun by playing with your Facebook friends!


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