MiniKing 3D game

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    Tower Defense-like , 3D action game, mini-kingdom in order to restore peace, control your character to fight with the monster !

    Touch your screen to move and attack !

    There are six mercenaries fight side by side with you , Every Mercenary have Different ability , use them in different situation.

    Different types of weapons have Different effect of different attack , you can choice your weapon to help you easy kill different mobs.

    Defending your castle , kill mob and break enemy's house for into next level.

    mob will drop four color gem can collect and use.

    White gem can hire and upgrade your level and your soldier's level.

    Red gem can upgrade the soldier protective skills.

    Green gem can upgrade soldier attack's skills.

    Purple gem can unlock hidden soldier and your weapons.

    Tags: 3dgame 成人 , minikin 3d