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    Monster Smasher Hit: Space War's review

    Published: 2014-02-10, by Ana Gracia.

    A quick matching game set in space

    • Could be thrilling
    • Ads are really annoying and intrusive
    • Graphics should be improved

    "Messy Monsters"

    Monster Smasher - Space War is a thrilling matching game where you need to have quick fingers.

    What do you need to do? Tap groups of same-colored monsters as they keep dropping from above. They will fall down quickly, so you need to work fast to prevent the board from flooding.

    Unfortunately, graphics are chaotic and childish, they could really be more professional and controls could also be a bit more smooth, as right know, everything is kind of confusing.

    Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets is the creator of Monster Smasher - Space War, a game which could easily be improved in several ways in order to be enjoyed properly. Right now, it's a mess.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 10, 2014


    Play one of the most exciting match-3 games ever! This game is a hit! It will provide you with a comical and challenging time.
    It is an exceptional time killer that will make you forget the meaning of the world boredom.

    You will find yourself in a virtual universe, surrounded by some freaking cartoon monsters that are literally invading every free space they find, bringing everything out of order. They spread out like a virus and do not intend to stop in front of anything. The monsters will literally attack every planet, alien city, parallel world, satellite, star etc. Your task will be to try and prevent them from invading other places. Stop them from crossing the light borders before the time runs out and they start the invasion of another galaxy.
    Simply tap your finger on any matching monster to make them explode and free the space occupied before.
    If you are not quick enough they could cross the glowing borders making you lose your mission. If more than three monsters should cross the borders you have lost the battle. Every right match will burst those little monsters away in fascinating rays and great blasts.

    As you get on with the levels you will encounter new shiny objects that will make your life harder, as they are going to restrict the living space of the tiny monsters forcing them to climb over the shining line.
    Try to master all the levels of this smashing casual game and sharpen your skills to become a real pro.


    Match 3 or more identical monsters
    Colorful graphics and smooth animations
    Tons of sparkling special effects
    Cool sounds and ambient music
    15 levels to play
    Maximum points reachable with one move: 500
    Combos with multiplier factors
    In order to get a combo you need to match up at least 3 monsters and then repeat the same action:
    3 x 3 x 3 x….. 4 x 4 x 4 x…... 5 x 5 x 5 x …..etc.

    Useful advice: You need to match at least 3 monsters to get points, if you touch just 2 of them they will disappear and empty the space they occupied before, but without giving you any points.

    Warning: If you touch in a place where no matching monsters are, you will lose 50 points.
    You will find yourself hopelessly addicted to this colorful crazy freaks and the blasting special effects.

    Help the alien forces defeat their enemies and become the new hero of this new intergalactic mega war.

    This deluxe game is a real jewel among the match 3 games.

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