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    You might have played VPet when you are young, now it's back again! Train your VPet and have a battle with your friends now!

    There are 36 creatures in the game. The creature will evolve to different looking according to your way of training. The attribute of creature might grow slower if you don't respond to the creature's call. Take good care of your creature and it will pay you back by wining every battle for you!

    There's no separation between VPet and battles! The game provides Bluetooth battle mechanism for you to fight your friends. One person host the game and another one join, it's as easy as clicking a button!

    There are three type of elements of the creature and their skills : fire, grass and water. Fire>Grass, Grass>Water, Water>Fire. If you use the skill that is the same element as the monster, the attack will be more powerful! Since you need to predict what type of element your opponent will use to attack in order to win the battle, keep using skill that easy to guess will put you in a disadvantage position.

    You gain skill by training successfully. Higher the skill level, high the damage it cause; however, the side effect and energy cost is also greater. It's up to you to select the best skill that fits you!

    It's a good way to interact with the creature by playing toys with it. Petting it will make it happy and hitting it will make it sad. The mood of creature is not link to the battle so there's no worry about sad monster might cause bad side effect to the battle.

    This game is linked to our YoWallet, which you can purchase more coins with it (and it's FREE!). Please refer to the side link for more detail(or you can get it in game also)

    *** FAQ ***
    Q: How to evolve my monster?
    A: The monster will evolve in a day or two in real time. The growth of monster will not be paused even you leave the game via Home/Back button on phone. The monster will send notification to you once it needs help.


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