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    Published: 2014-03-10, by Ana Gracia.

    Score many points by getting the eyes into the basket

    • Fun and challenging
    • Excellent design, everything is very detailed
    • Sensitivity is too high?

    "The alien with no eyes"

    Mr Eyes is a new game based on basketball and physic-graphics that provides a fun entertainment for all ages. The objective is to send the maximum of eyes into the basket within 24 seconds, using the smooth controls as a slingshot and tilting the phone in order to grab the eyes.

    The full game includes 60 levels in 5 different scenes and it's pretty fun, but it's also extremely frustrating. Why's that? Well, the tilting sensitivity is really high and it gets really challenging, it's not easy to grab an eye and aim correctly at the basket while trying to stay still.

    Laurent Bakowski is the developer of Mr Eyes Lite and full version with all the complete features. The main character is a funny alien with disposable eyes and it all gets even harder as you keep playing.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Mar 10, 2014


    Here is an easier version of the original "Mr. Eyes" still funny, still addictive. Try it, you will love it for sure !

    Mr. Eyes For Dummies Free is a totally innovative new game inspired by basketball. To succeed, you will need both skill and speed. It uses the laws of physics on 60 levels in 5 different sceneries, boosted by a delirious soundtrack and completely new HD graphics.
    Mr. Eyes is a funny alien who loves basketball. So he trains to make baskets with his removable eyes.
    What’s the principle of this new game? Send a maximum of eyes in the baskets in less than 60 seconds to unlock the next level. Four eyes in each level. You must complete at least one launched to reach the next level. You will have to show dexterity and skills to find the right way to overcome each challenge. Variable attraction and switches are some of the obstacles that await you and that you will measure.

    Game highlights:

    - completely new, unlike anything else;
    - a precise and very handy trajectory line;
    - a selection of funny characters;
    - an original soundtrack;
    - an innovative HD graphics;
    - a full operation of the laws of gravity.

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