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    Published: 2011-12-30, by .

    Grow funghi and take care of the garden

    • Entertaining
    • Original
    • Can get boring after a while
    • Repetitive

    "Midnight in the mushroom garden"

    Mushroom Garden is a game for Android where the main characters are mushrooms and you need to take care of them. In the garden, you can grow Funghi and when you press on food, Funghi will sprout for the period shown on the bottom right. In addition, it can be harvested with a tap or swipe and can be converted to NP, to purchase items. In the laboratory, you can buy items and useful devices for raising Funghi.

    You can choose to read the manual so you get a good sense of the game, since it's pretty confusing at first and you might find it very useful. In the library there are the types of Funghi you unlock with its characteristics. Apparently, if you're not using an Android device in either English or Japanese, you'll need to change the language, which is really annoying and shouldn't be necessary.

    BeeworksGames is the developer of Mushroom Garden, their only application so far. This is a really entertaining app with many features and two main scenarios (Garden and laboratory) and an interesting gameplay.

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    Dec 30, 2011


    "Mushroom Garden" has been renewed!
    The app became more comfortable to play! New rare Funghi & new features are added!!
    "Mushroom Garden HD"


    [Notice about Android 5.0]
    This app may not perform correctly on Android 5.0.
    We are now planning to adjust the app to Android 5.0 in future update, and will announce in app and official website when it come to the decision.
    If you were to play this app, please wait for the update until the decision is made.

    [Notice about Android 7.0]
    The text in this app may not be displayed correctly on Android 7.0.

    *Please contact to Google or Company of the device if you have questions about OS update or checking the version of OS.
    *Please update the OS version under your responsibility.

    [Notice about "File Corruption" and "App Initialization" come from using the cache delete app]
    We have found that certain cache deleting app may delete the data required for "Mushroom Garden" and it causes the "File Corruption" and/or "App Initialization".
    If you are using cache delete app, please remove "Mushroom Garden" from "cache Delete target application" and it may improve the situation.

    We deeply apologize about the situation and appreciate your understanding.


    Holy moly, there's fungus among us!
    It's the world's first genuine mushroom-growing sim!

    "Funghi" the mushroom has always dreamed of this...a chance to literally make some new friends!
    An amazing new method of mushroom cultivation on Android phones has been discovered!
    It's an all-new mushroom growing and harvesting simulator!


    *Harvesting feels great!
    Harvest an entire log full of mushrooms in a single swipe!
    The superb touch interface will send a thrill up your spine!
    *Complete your Library!
    30 kinds of mushrooms have been discovered so far!
    Collect the first 30 species to get the "Mutant Mushroom" page added to your Library!
    Aim to complete your Library while powering up your equipment!

    *Daily mushroom care!
    Be careful not to ignore your mushrooms, or they'll dry up!
    Remove mold from the mushroom-growing log with repeated taps, to keep it clean and fresh!


    Funghi Official Site
    twiter(Japanese Only)

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