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    Want to know how flamingos sing? Consider yourself to be an expert on classical music? Challenge your music skills in our fascinating music quiz!

    5 music categories
    2 types of hints
    High scores table
    Achievements and statuses
    Languages: English, Russian
    For all ages
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    “Music box” is the game for all ages! You can play our music quiz with friends, kids or the whole family.

    The gameplay of music quiz is quite simple: listen to tune and guess it by 4 pictures. Match bird voices and pictures, classical music and composers, anthems and flags.

    You can guess the tunes on time by choosing one of the music quiz modes: “1 minute”, “3 minutes” or “5 minutes”. But for a start you’d better to try the music quiz mode “No time”.

    The game features 5 music quiz categories. Kids will definitely like “Bird voices” and “Animal sounds”. Adults will enjoy “Musical instruments” and “National anthems”. Our music quiz is various!

    Use HINTS in the music quiz to set new records. Get SCORES, AVIEVEMENTS and STATUSES — pass the way from music Pianist to Composer!

    “Music box” is not only fun music quiz but also a very cognitive music quiz. This quiz helps to develop hearing and open lots of new sounds!

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    Music quiz categories:
    • Animal sounds: dolphin, snow leopard, squirrel, wolf, gorilla, hedgehog, zebra, kangaroo, koala, crocodile, rabbit, lion, frog, elephant, tiger, dog, deer, cat, horse, sheep, etc.
    • Bird voices: flamingo, sparrow, pigeon, kiwi, crow, crane, eagle, parrot, ostrich, gull, duck, owl, swan, colibri, pelican, etc.
    • Classical music: bach, beethoven, mozart, vivaldi, chopin, haydn, tchaikovsky, schubert, strauss, liszt, verdi, bizet, wagner, etc.
    • Musical instruments:drum, guitar, bongo, xylophone, organ, violin, piano, saxophone, flute, harp, cello, synthesizer, etc.

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