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    Make it evolve into school 7 strongest wonder!!
    The souls who appear in a midnight school
    Kinjiro Ninomiya who wanders about a schoolyard.
    Hanako who appears in a toilet.
    The image which moves about a fine-arts room.
    The boy who plays basketball without the head which appears in a midnight gymnasium.
    Beethoven of the music room which the テケテケ eye which pursues children about at anatomical-model-of-the-human-body image midnight which appears in a laboratory moves with ぎょろぎょろ
    the school 7 -- the wonderful souls -- a child -- fine vitality is inhaled and it evolves into the strongest soul!!
    You gather children in the school of daytime and offer vitality to the soul which is present in a midnight school as 生贄!
    The figure of the soul of seven strongest wonders is one.
    How to play
    - Evolve the souls of seven wonders which come out in the ghost story and liver trial of summer to the strongest soul.
    - In the school of daytime, a student fills with in about 30?60 seconds.
    Let's carry out the tap of the student to make 生贄.
    - If students gather, let's choose seven favorite midnight wonders and offer a student's vitality to the souls.
    - If the experience value of the soul is saved, it will evolve into the following level.

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