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    Published: 2013-01-07, by Peter Warrior.

    A deep strategy game with 80s spirit

    • Retro graphics and feeling
    • Deep strategy game
    • Clumsy interface

    "Mithril? You go along with any bauble"

    At the dawn of times, when frogs wore boots and trees went with no roots, four races fought over the realm to control resources hidden deep underneath the green plains and white marble castles. For hundreds of years, dwarves, orcs, goblins and wizards were at war undreamed of, and who knows if they are still chipping the bowels of mountains older than the skies themselves.

    OK, fairy tales aside, Mythic Diggers is a real time strategy game based upon the game with the same name back to Amiga times. For those of you who don't know what an Amiga was, know that it was a computer from the time that frogs didn't wear boots anymore but they still walked upright, roughly the late eighties. You choose a race, every one with its own stats, and move and dig thorough the map looking for jewels, taking care not to wake up any ancient monster and sabotaging enemy tunnels. You control a team of diggers, so you'll have to be fast to give orders to all of them. Indeed, game's quite complex to master once you know the basics, but there are five saving rewritable slots to make the most of this game, while you manage to get along with the interface.

    This demo version only includes a level and the easiest difficulty setting. Give it a looong go and then jump to the complete version and don't let you be fooled by the retro graphics and retro sound, as there are a zillion hours of enjoyment beneath the surface. The complete version comes with three difficulty levels, all four races and what's better, a laudable campaign mode through 26 different maps.

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    Jan 07, 2013


    This is the advert-free demo version of Mythic Diggers, a new digging / mining game based on the classic: Diggers.

    Take your team of diggers through the ancient depths of Kavros, mining gold and gems to fund your race’s war effort. Each territory is contested by a team of enemy diggers, aiming to beat you to the territory’s target, but they may be the least of the dangers hidden in the depths…

    • Play as cunning Wizards, Dwarf prospectors, Goblin engineers or Orc warriors.
    • Explore huge underground areas.
    • Buy items for fast mining, combat or sabotage to play the style that suits you best.
    • Use the mythical creatures you encounter to assist you or hinder the enemy.
    • Dig pitfalls, flood tunnels and discover secret locations.

    Official reviews for Mythic Diggers:

    "A zillion hours of enjoyment" - (4 / 5)

    "Engaging and fun" - (4.2 / 5)

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