Orb Wars - Star Battle




    Try to save the last plant species of his kind from extinction!
    The Earth is been invaded from some strange robots (orbs) coming from another galaxy, that are trying to cancel every form of biological life. After years of war our planet is in ruins and nearly nowhere grows green anymore.
    Those robots finally managed to break in the sacred temple of life, where the last flower of his species is kept save. It is said that this special plant is able to cure any disease and donate eternal life to whoever gets in touch with it.
    As last surviving guardian of the temple you are the only one who possesses the power and cleverness to defend this plant.
    The orbs will do anything in their power in order to achieve their goal of complete destruction.
    In dark times heroes are born! Stop them by becoming this hero and destroy their devastation plans.

    Your mission is to try and slash them in two pieces before they are able to hit the plant with their laser shafts.
    Swipe up across the screen to chop this robot’s in pieces like a true samurai warrior. All your swordsman abilities will be required to cut through their metal bodies with your laser blade / lightsaber.


    High quality 3D graphics
    Colorful graphics and smooth animations
    Multiplier factor
    -Bronze Orbs: have a multiplier factor of 2.
    -Silver Orbs: have a multiplier factor up to 3.
    -Gold Orbs: have a multiplier factor up to five and have to be sliced twice to be destroyed.

    Advice: During the game you will get some help from a red crossed orb who will regenerate part of the plant’s energy. Do not slash it if you want his assistance just tap it.

    Warning: Pay attention there is an Orb transporting a gas time bomb. Do not cut it, as it will release his poisonous gas. Simply tap it in order to deactivate the bomb.

    Make your ninja skills come out and become a true sword master during this adventurous action game.
    The fruit of your work as a warrior will be the saving of a species.

    It is an endless game, become stronger and stronger by trying to beat your record or your friends’ ones.

    Download this modern hit game, and become a legend that will be remembered for eternity!

    One of the best slash games the mobile world has ever seen!

    This is a free app - download it and have fun!

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