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    Published: 2014-01-15, by .

    Pancakes!!! is a delicious casual puzzle game

    • Graphics
    • Different game modes
    • In-game store
    • Addictive
    • No online leaderboards

    "Catch those pancakes!"

    In Pancakes!!! you must catch all the pancakes and toppings as they fall. You must reach the goal shown on the order and avoid the burned pancake.

    The difficulty of the games lies on the pancakes tower's height. The more you miss, the higher it must get to reach the goal. The higher it is, the more difficult it becomes to grab them all. That's what makes Pancakes!!! such addictive.

    In fact, an addictive gameplay and lot of extras. There are over 150 for free and 400 levels to unlock from the store, as well as 10 free toppoings and 30 unlockable.

    There's a 3-star scoring system that will make you retry levels over and over until hitting the maximum score. The higher the score, the more cash you earn to spend on the store.

    In addition, there are different game modes (normal, picky eater, rush order and all you can eat). Try to master them all.

    Game's swiping controls are responsive. Game is set in cute cartoony graphics that both kids and grown-ups will love. Highly recommended.

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    Jan 15, 2014


    In Pancakes!!! Forever you go to work building stacks of pancakes and toppings to order.

    With Pancakes!!! Forever, you get ALL levels, ALL new content, and ALL updates ALL FOREVER!!! No Ads! No IAP! No whining! No annoyance! Just Pancakes!

    You'll encounter four types of customers in fun game play:

    1) NORMAL
    This customer loves her pancakes, except for the burned kind. She's not super picky but adding extra ingredients will reduce your tip.

    This customer is finicky and demanding, wanting his order made precisely and accurately. If you add anything extra when making the order, he will leave without paying.

    The customer is in a hurry and needs her pancakes fast! You have a fixed amount of time to complete the order before the customer walks out unhappy. And we all know an unhappy customer means no tip!

    This customer wants his order piled high with everything on it. The order is complete when you catch a burned pancake. But don't worry, the customer won't mind the burned pancake.

    Earn more cash by collecting Bonuses.

    1) Two Of A Kind
    Catch a matching pair of ingredients from the order.

    2) Three Of A Kind
    Catch a matching set of three ingredients from the order.

    3) Four Of A Kind
    Catch a matching set of four ingredients from the order.

    4) Full House
    Catch a Two Of A Kind followed by a Three Of A Kind for the maximum bonus.

    Earn up to Three Stars, Unlock all 30 toppings, and replay orders to beat your High Score!

    * 400 levels
    * 30+ Toppings to Unlock
    * Amazing, high quality Professional Graphics
    * Professionally made Music
    * High quality professional Sound Effects

    Pancakes!!! Forever will leave your mouth watering for more.

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