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    *** Update version 1.6 ***
    We added new features like Achievements and Leaderboard of Google Play service. We think these features will make our game app very interested. We hope you will enjoy this flappy paper game app.

    *** What's new on update version 1.5 ****
    Thank you for playing Paper Planet. We're so happy to see our game app played by many many people. Thank you for many comments that will improve our game app better. And, again, we proud to present a new version... a new sun shine day.

    Although the sun is coming but your task still controls and flap Benji's plane, a paper airplane, to avoid obstacles. Don't let it smash any walls and go go go. Bibli is waiting a letter plane!

    Paper Planet is a flappy bird game app that a paper plane is an actor. It's easy flappy bird version. If you wanna play flappy bird game style, I recommend you don't miss this game. Now our airplane game adds more planes: "Drag/Glide Plane".

    Benji is a good and smart boy. He is known as iBasket Boy because he usually help his mom to buy stuffs and help people to drop their cans to a trash at a market so he is very popular in this market. One day, Benji has a big problem. He love a girl, Blibli. Blibli is a very hot girl in a school. He love Blibli for a long time but he cannot tell her because Rodent, the rich boy. Rodent is a boss of school and, of course, he love Blibli too. So Rodent don't like our smart boy, Benji,and always block him to meet Blibli.

    For Rodent Revenge, Benji decide to use his knowledge that he like about space, airplane, rocket, etc. to create a Love Paper Airplane or L.P.A. which seals his love letter as pandora box and send through a city to Blibli.

    You can help to delivery Benji's paper plane to his lover, Blibli and enjoy play a very easy game with flappy style game app.

    How to play:
    You just tap on screen to move a paper plane up and try to avoid all walls. That's all! Easy one?

    Benji has found that the original paper plane can't to be sent to his girlfriend. So he invents a new paper plane that have a new move. Help Benji again with a new paper plane!!

    How to play:
    Hold tap for gliding up and release tap for gliding down. Good luck ;D

    - 2 Modes: Flapping and Gliding
    - Simple and easy game play.
    - Share to your friends through Facebook!
    - We have both moon and sun.
    - Keep your Hi-score.

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