Pelican Panic




    Help Percy the pelican catch his dinner before it's too late! Swoop and dive for fish while avoiding sharks, fishing boats and other obstacles in his way. Don't stay under water too long, or Percy may drown!

    - Press and hold anywhere on the screen to make Percy fly upwards
    - Release to let him fall and dive into the water
    - Collect fish while keeping an eye on the oxygen level and obstacles


    Additional details:

    - All graphics were originally designed for screens with a 480 * 800 resolution and will maintain this ratio when scaled to larger screen sizes with any unused screen space remaining black.

    - Any devices with smaller displays will have decreased image quality
    - Internet permissions are required to access and view online leaderboard data
    - The original sound effects can be found at:

    Created using AndEngine by Nicolas Gramlich:

    ***Developed as part of the A level Computing coursework at BHASVIC college, Brighton on 09/03/13***

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