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    Came back to set to "grab a pen" that! !
    DL 50 万 popular app of a total of Android, the iPhone!
    Has been featured in many TV and magazines.

    (Grab a pen)
    Trying to catch an instant to determine the timing pen is falling!
    Speed ​​will change the length of the pen, the pen falling by stage depending on the difficulty.
    In addition, the location where you want to catch, Gold, Silver, Bronze and evaluation will change.
    Please aim to win gold on the challenge of all stages!

    (2 Grasp the pen)
    Is a highly rated game aims to clear each stage of the degree of difficulty each.
    The game starts by touching the screen to start, and Touch Start to select the difficulty level and stage.

    Upon rebound on the desk because the pen is dropped, please catch the pen in the CatchZone well.
    After the select screen will return to touch the screen again.
    • To clear it will be clear grasp by touching the pen itself CatchZone.
    Degree of difficulty is the type-4 Easy, Normal, Hard, of Extra.

    There are 10 stages each stage in the degree of difficulty, for each number of stages increases, the bounce rate will increase speed and fall of the pen.
    • Depending on the position of the pen grasp, evaluation can be divided into two Great · Excellent.
    Evaluation will be as good as in the part close to the center of the pen grasp.

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