Penguins vs Zombies

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    Penguins vs Zombies

    by: Vital King International Limited 3 2.6

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    In a world where humanity exists only as a faded dream, zombies reign supreme. With their food source depleted, they ravenously seek sustenance.

    In this world, the majestic penguin empire flourishes in peace.

    But unbeknownst to the penguins happily waddling around their igloos, a threat searches for more brains!

    And so they come trudging across the empty expanse, one rotting foot in front of the other. Their raspy moans carrying across the icy fields towards their intended victims. One by one, the penguins look up from their chicks and eggs, and realize that it's time to defend their children and homes. A rallying cry goes up in the air as penguins rise to defend their igloo empire.

    Join the fight in this intense real time strategy game for the Android OS. Using a simple touch system, capture neutral and Zombie igloos to fortify your area before moving on. Help the penguins defend their homes and children from the Zombie horde across 2 continents.

    Enjoy 20 addictive levels of RTS(real time strategy) goodness with penguin and igloo upgrades that makes for long hours of fun for everyone! Penguins vs. Zombies the best value for money you can find on the Android Market!!

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