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    Hello pet lovers we got a cool new pet game for you! In this fun and exciting pet game you need to train your cat for a big cat pageant. To take first place in this animal pageant game you need to train your cat so he is the most impressive cat in the beauty contest. So if you’re looking for your own pet game that is fun to play and where you can take care of your own cat then maybe train your cat is the game for you. Give your cat a name that you love, train him or her for the contest. Go to work to earn money so you can buy the extra’s for your kitty.

    Do not forget to take care of your cat try to keep him happy, you can give your cat a nice dinner or go and play with him. Be sure that your kitty is still happy at the end of the day and if you like you can put your virtual animal aside and whenever you want pick up where you left your kitty.

    Train your cat is a fun and exciting pet game with amazing fun! This free to play pets game has the following game features:

    - Own your own virtual cat and give him a cute name.
    - Give your cat a bath and keep him clean for the contest.
    - Give your cat some rest by buying a pillow for him on which he can rest.
    - Play time is important to keep your kitty happy, spend some time with him or her.
    - Just like a real cat you need to give your cat some privacy when nature calls.
    - Don’t let your lovely kitten starve and give him his food on time.
    - Buy cool hats for the contest pick something you like.
    - Every kitty needs to have a lovely collar, buy the one that looks sweet.
    - Find a adorable outfit and be ready to win the pageant

    Game is appropriate for toddlers, kids and even adults who like animals, and for whoever likes to take care of animals. Due to the easy gameplay everyone can play this funny and exciting pets game for free. There are no in game purchase in this game. You can earn money in the game simply by going to work and after that you can spend your earned money on the animal attributes you like!

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