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    ComparOscope is an android phone comparison application which comes in handy when you wish to compare two phones or tablets. Comparison of prices, comparison of features of devices is something that we do frequently. Using this app we have made comparison easier and simpler for an end user. Rather than showing a list of features with some numbers which doesn't give an idea what it REALLY means.
    A user doesn't have an idea what a 1.5 GHz processor really means!!When he compare one smart phone of 1.5 GHz versus 2 GHz processor, he just knows 2 is bigger than 1.5, but he is not sure whether it serves his
    purpose. He might be searching for a phone by which he can play a game.So the concern of playing a game might not be satisfied in the present smartphone comparison applications. But the user really don't know whether the device is capable of delivering his need. So it’s a real life problem!!!right???

    Who will tell you the necessary details or features of a phone you are looking for??
    Where can you compare details that really matters for you??

    The ultimate solution is ComparOscope - Phone Comparison App.

    In this app you can easily compare phones of your choice by searching on the search box and you can even compare the most popular devices from the app home screen. Just by selecting phones you will get a
    list of REASONS for selecting each devices. From that list, you can understand which device serves your purpose. Simple !!Isn't that cool??

    Compare prices is hot and trending comparison. Comparison of iphone5 vs galaxy S4 or galaxy s4 versus HTC one are few of the hot searches. Compare price apps are there in the market and people compare prices of different stores. Compare pictures and specifications of different devices is another method of comparison. But here we are trying to satisfy the user intent. For what or why he should buy a device.!!
    Compare smart phones vs its competition here, so that you can find the real difference. You can find that the smartphone you are looking for is capable of playing your favorite game. ComparOscope helps user in his purchase decisions. Based on utility natural language comparisons of device is very important. In present world a phone or a tablet is much more than a just a device to make calls or to send sms. By using phones anything and everything can be done like listening to music, playing games, finding locations and so on. So it’s important in a customer perspective whether a phone he is looking has all required features. But the problem is the available data is too technical for an end user. You can also compare old Nokia phones vs phones of same price range. In-short to compare any phone versus another ComparOscope is a much needed app for a user.
    Compare the market of different devices is a area of research. In Indian market comparison of car insurance is very popular. But in countries like Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Singapore comparison of newly arrived phone devices are very popular. Comparing applications have a great influence in countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy. Even in US and UK people make their purchasing decision after comparison. A user can also use this app to find reasons to suggest a phone to a friend or a relative. You can compare your phone with your friend's device and see which one's better? It sounds like a game. So you can play this game with your friend.
    That's something interesting that we can do with this app.

    This app has been successfully tested on mobile phone devices like Samsung galaxy, Sony Xperia , HTC one series, and LG optimus. And will soon be launched in Blackberry and iPhone devices. Will bring out more features like voice recognition in upcoming versions.


    *FREE application
    *Easy to install.
    *Easy to use.
    *Natural language comparison of phone features.
    *Small size.

    Now we have made comparison simple and easy.!

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