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    Physics Game suitable for young children and adults.

    PhysXbox is a simple Physics game and painter with kids in mind, but designed for everybody. Play with various objects as you would in the real world, boxes, balls, glass, balloons and "The Scientist".

    Throw objects, float them with balloons, paint with Physics and blow them up with bombs and dynamite all in a bright and colorful environment.

    Paint with randomly generated colors, painting creates solid objects in the environment.

    **For the best possible experience a Tablet device is recommended or a large screen Phone. Performance may be lacking on low-end devices or devices greater than two years vintage.


    *Scroll menus to select the object you wish to create.
    *Double tap anywhere on the screen to spawn an object.
    *Touch and drag on objects to move or fling them.
    *Double tap on an object to remove it.
    *Use two fingers to rotate objects.
    *Balloons will automatically attach to objects when they touch.
    *Heavier objects need more balloons to float.
    *To use Dynamite, create a red switch and place dynamite where you wish. Drop any object on the switch to explode dynamite.
    *To start-over with a clean environment, select the recycle button.
    *Simple instructions available in the help menu.

    ***Future expansion of objects and backgrounds planned, please give constructive feedback and report bugs/issues if you have them.

    Mosquitosoft is an independent developer consisting of a sole Engineer/Designer/Artist. Thank you and I hope you have fun :)

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