Pirates: Caribbean Clash




    Become a Pirate and sail the high seas looking for treasure! Plunder for gold, fight other pirates and search for islands based on your location in real life to earn booty and experience!

    *Multiplayer online Pirate RPG for Android.
    *Buy islands based on your location in real life! Pillage islands that you don't own to get gold!
    *Buy and sell upgrades at the Pirate Market
    *Upgrade your stats after gaining experience points to become a better Pirate!
    *Invite your friends via friend codes to grow your crew.
    *Free updates with new features, jobs, and weapons.

    If you're a fan of role playing games, check out Pirates!

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    Notice: My advertising partner Peanut Labs brought something up to me. They noticed some reviews on here such as "Haha For all you [redacted] this is not a pirate app it is an app that has to be downloaded with another to get something I am not gonna tell you because this is a secret!" and others.

    As the developer, I have no idea what is going on and have not authorized this. I have Googled this and found nothing. I would really appreciate someone please letting me know what this relates to, in English please, as that is the only language I speak. This is a Pirate game. I created a Pirate game on the Facebook platform in 2007, still support it, and later created an iOS game followed by an Android game. I have never had these comments about any of the other platforms. You can email me at with any information.

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