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    Published: 2012-10-16, by .

    Kill them all in the most violent ways

    • Curious and fun
    • Lots of options
    • Good graphics

    "The revenge against the Ants"

    As the king of the Ants, you can do whatever you want with them. Here, in Pocket Ants, you can burn them with a glass or make them race for food, whatever you feel like to at the moment.

    On the bottom part of the screen, there are several tools which you can investigate and use freely, just by tapping on them and locating them on the screen waiting for the ants to fall into the trap. There's no doubt this game is original and has a fresh premise, would you ever think you would be trying to kill ants in your device?

    Concrete Software, Inc. is the developer of Pockets Ants Free and full version. The game enables to change the speed of the ants, the number of them and their agressive manners, making the game more at your taste. Are you ready to smash ants?

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    Oct 16, 2012


    You are king of the ANTS - feeding, squishing, burning, marching, exploding, fighting, moving, and racing your ants!

    Should the ants live in peaceful coexistence or battle to the death? Burn them with a magnifying glass or make them race for food? With Pocket Ants the choice is yours.

    You can also get these features in the free ad supported version of Pocket Ants.

    Game Features:
    • Electrocute and drown the ants with the storm!
    • Collect and move the ants with the ant magnet.
    • Blow the ants into your traps with the fan!
    • Feed the ants strawberries and watermelon.
    • Zap the ants with the laser!
    • Torch the ants with the flame thrower!
    • Blow up the ants with the firecracker!
    • Burn the ants with the magnifying glass!
    • Blow up the ants with ant mines.
    • Drop rocks on ants.
    • Have the ants move their home.
    • Draw a path for the ants to follow.
    • Race the ants.
    • Add more or less ants.
    • Set red and black ant aggressiveness.
    • Set percentage of black/red ants.

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