Powerful Peeing Kid Pro

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    ery famous Pee Pee Boy game of iPad and ipod is now at your Android devices !! Powerful Peeing Boy game you really need to give it a try ;)

    Powerful Peeing Boy is one of the most fun and silly game in Android App Store that will test your patience. It may sound simple and easy, but sometimes it's really hard to detect when toilet seat will fall. Funniest gameplay ever with hilarious sound effects!!!

    How to play:
    The gameplay is very simple,all you have to do is to help the young cute boy cleanly pee, without getting him pinched while peeing.

    So, you must be thinking :Pinched by what? The falling toilet seat.

    Steps to play:
    All you have to do is to touch the boy and hold your touch until the seat falls, basically you have to avoid the pinch. But, beware, if you leave the touch on the boy too early, the boy pees all over himself and you will lose the game.

    Test your presence of mind and take the ultimate challenge of peeing.
    Note: If you feel so hard to escape, concentrate on the dropping sound of the toilet seat.

    Sounds easy? Give a try now! The goal seems very easy but it will challenge you a lot! A time killer game , perfect for whenever you are feeling bored in buses, trains or long journeys.


    1. A very simple and classic yet addicting user interface.
    2. Keep track of all the top 3 winners.
    4. Engaging HD graphics, animations and great voice-overs.
    5. Develop concentration and focus
    6. No language barrier – can be played and understood by entire world.

    It's time to PEE and have lot of fun !!
    If you are bored of normal hit games like angry birds, solitare or cut the rope then try this new iPad, iPhone game concept in Android and have lot fun !!

    Enjoy this app and have loads of fun!
    The application has been tested extensively on various models of Samsung galaxy ace, Sony Xperia, HTC One V. The game is also designed for tablets and Samsung galaxy Note.
    The appplication works perfect on all mobiles and gives you a thrilling experience on tablets. No internet connectivity is required to play this game.

    We hope you enjoy this funny Android application!!

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