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    A long time ago, there was a place called Mole Land. In this land, moles lived in peace.

    However, enemies came from outside to invade Mole Land.


    Moles must escape from Mole Land.

    Let's pull up moles!


    1.Main game.
    Pull up moles to save moles in Mole Land.

    1.1.How to pull up a mole.
    ・touch the body of a mole.
    ・Move up your finger on the screen, and pull the mole up!

    ・Touch the mole and move your finger repeatedly and fast, if you can't pull up the mole

    1.2.How to find a mole from the ground.
    ・Shake your device if there are no moles on the ground, and a mole will appear.

    Buy the following items with your Mole Coins to upgrade each.

    Moles appear faster.
    The number of moles on the ground at a time will increase.
    Moles you have never met may appear.

    ・You can upgrade items even more after you defeat enemies on the mini game.
    (Each item will go up to level 30.)

    Also you can buy Mole Coins with an In-App Purchase.

    2.Mini game.
    Call moles to defeat the enemy.

    2.1.How to play
    ・Push a mole button repeatedly, and moles will appear from the ground.
    ・Touch a mole and move your finger up on the screen. A mole will fly to the enemy and attack!

    ・Pull up moles after moles appear to the end.
    ・Moles appear again after they attacked the enemy.

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