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    For you who like baiseball, and attends major world baiseball championships, this game is for you.
    baiseball Logos Kish is the best game of basketball logos Quiz with Google Play Store and briefly also in other platforms (PS3, Xbox, and iOS on-line).
    You can select one of four modes of gaming with three difficulty levels each, very good to test your reasoning and knowledge is the main football teams on the planet, with this game you can spend hours of fun with your friends and testing their knowledge.
    This game is completely free, soon we will have the option to remove the ads even.
    How to play:
    One. Select one of four game modes available. (For logos, names for, all logos, all names).
    2nd. If you select "by logos" or "by name", you will have to select the difficulty level "easy", "medium" or "hard."
    3rd. Soon after you will for the game itself, where you will see the brand logo of the team and select which is the same name or select which is the mark on the team name.
    4th. You have to select the name or the logo corresponding to the selected team but was hanging on the amount of trying your score will be different
    1st attempt -> 3 points
    2nd try -> 0 points
    3rd attempt -> -1 point
    4th attempt -> -3 points.
    -Several teams from several different leagues, so you can also meet new times.
    -Mode game with a predetermined time, to test the speed of their responses.
    Game-functional and easy, you do not have to learn a lot of different and complex commands, all you have to do is select the correct name or logo.
    -New features constantly.
    What's new in current version:
    -Resolved issue with the timer.
    -Fixed problem with counting points.
    News of the next version:
    -Power to remove ads.
    Tip-to know the name or logo of the team.
    -Over 50 new teams.
    -Translation to other languages: French, Italian, German, Greek, Spanish, Mandarin and Dutch.
    -What is the right answer.
    -Jump this question.
    Help us improve our game sending us suggestions for new features, our development team can add it to a new version, as well as ideas for possible new games.
    Please, if you find any bugs let us know by e-mail, since we will fix it ASAP.

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