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    Reaction Test Scare

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    Reaction Test Scare is a prank application used to scare unsuspected users. This application pretends to be a real reaction based game by accurately recording the users reaction time while they touch the circle as fast as possible. After each touch the circle shrinks and moves to increase difficulty and get the users full attention, then a scary image of the Exorcist pops up, the device vibrates(where applicable), audio is recorded from the devices microphone(if enabled) and a horrific scream plays!

    NOTE: This is NOT a fully featured game, but is a mini game used to prank your friends or family. This is the ad-free version which enables you to record, save and playback your victims reaction through audio.

    How To Use:

    Simply start the application, hit play and then show your victim as you play the game as player 1. After your turn ends your total reaction time will be displayed and then challenge your victim to beat your time. Near the end of player 2's turn the scare will occur and frighten your victim! For maximum scare turn volume all the way up.

    Options: This is where you can view, listen, rename, and delete your recordings. You can also disable recording if you choose by clicking on enable/disable. Swiping the screen left and right will cycle through all saved sounds, while clicking on the text field will allow renaming of the file.


    Developer is not responsible for any damage done to your device from your victims reaction, nor any health related issues caused by the application to you or your victim. Do not show this application to anyone with any type of medical problems, or to any small children.

    Be Responsible and Have Fun!

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