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    Since the ruler falls from a top, please carry out the tap of the ruler and stop it.
    Reflexes are measured by measuring reaction time until the ruler falls and it stops from the start.

    How to play
    [Basic procedure]
    1. Push the start button will display a game screen.
    2. It is a measurement start when the tap of the game screen is carried out.
    3. The ruler is displayed on the upper part of a screen as a display, and is displayed on the lower part of a screen as \"Ready.\"
    4. The ruler begins to fall in the random range from 3 to 6 seconds.
    5. If ruler begins to fall, please carry out the tap of the screen.
    *Cautions: If a tap is carried out before ruler falls, it will be violating the rules.
    6. Reaction time, fall distance, and fall speed until it stops ruler are displayed.

    Reflexes are so good that reaction time is early. Let's aim at good record.
    Moreover, please compete for reflexes mutually with friends.

    ・Perform one time of basic procedure.

    ・Perform six times of basic procedure.
    ・Measure the average of the record of the 6th place from the 2nd place in the order that discrimination time is fast.
    ・The fastest average is stored as a record high.
    ・Disqualification by three times of premature starts.
    * A record of the 1st place is excluded in order to eliminate the record depended by chance.

    ・If a personal best record is updated by record challenge, it can register with ranking.
    ・In order to register with ranking, a setup for the user's registration is required.
    ・In the ranking, your ranking and top 50 persons' record can be checked.

    Ruler falls the inside of a vacuum perpendicularly with the acceleration due to gravity of 1G(9.80665m/s^2).

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