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    Rift Hunter : An all-new FIGHTING game for your cell phone!

    Rift Hunter is a new side-scrolling fighter in the tradition of Golden Axe and Castlevania. It is a return to the joy of pure combat, with unlimited combos, instant kills, and gorgeous, full-screen magic to bring you an unprecedentedly fluid and visceral gaming experience.

    Choose a checkpoint, start a challenge, hack up monsters, and win epic treasures!
    There are no do-overs, no time to chat. Rift Hunter fills you battles with heart-pounding action and awe-inspiring art.

    There are four distinct classes for you to choose from, and over a hundred levels and arenas for you and other players to discover. You can hack your way through a panoply of monsters and sate your lust for battle.

    Get in on the most popular FREE game of the summer —— Rift Hunter!

    Adala was once a peaceful land whose peoples lived quiet lives. Then, the Space-Time Rift opened and an unending torrent of terrors poured forth. The fate of Adala rests in the hands of the Rift Hunters! It falls to you, all on your own or with your friends, to drive back the monsters and seal the Rift.
    The long hunt begins...

    √ Free —— Rift Hunter is completely free with no surprise fees or hidden costs.
    √ Realism —— Rift Hunter gives you that same thrill you got playing fighters as a kid!
    √ Simplicity —— Specially developed and optimized for mobile devices. Learn how to play in 1 minute.
    √ Exploration —— The world of Rift Hunter has over 200 subterranean cities!
    √ Teamwork —— Adventure with your friends or other players from around the world!
    √ Hotblooded PVP —— Come duke it out, 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or 3-on-3, in Rift Hunter PVP Arena!
    √ Countless Choices —— Four unique classes and countless special abilities guarantee a personalized!

    Fighting experience! And another class is coming soon!

    Forget those boring icons littering your phone. Rift Hunter will reignite your passion for cell-phone games!
    Download for free and enjoy instantly!

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