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    Published: 2012-02-16, by .

    You have an island for yourself, what would you do?

    • Excellent graphics, really smooth
    • Good storyline
    • Lots of features
    • Extra download
    • If you don't like management games, you won't enjoy it

    "Like Robinson Crusoe"

    What if you were the only survivor of a plane accident? All that you can see around you are palm trees and the tropical sun. Pretty great, isn't it?

    After choosing your character, you will need to get used to the tropical life by collecting energy from the food growing around you and accomplishing the tasks that are listed on the left. As the game advances, you will learn how to do useful things and create buildings out of the items you find. Later, you will have the chance of building your own farm and many more things you will discover while playing.

    This is definitely one of the best management games we've seen, with a great storyline that goes on and a long list of features to do. You can never get tired of playing, there's always something to do and many rewards to receive. Pixonic LLC are the developers of this great game for Android, their only app in the market so far. We can't tell you all the features and options, discover them out yourself!

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    Feb 16, 2012


    ***This game has been downloaded by millions of users around the world, join them today!***

    BUILD YOUR OWN PARADISE! Escape from stuffy city to beautiful tropics! Your ADVENTURE begins today!

    Your plane has crashed and you happen to be the only person on the island who survived. There are palm trees, tropical sun and tropical fruits all around you. The land doesn't look the worst place to live in, does it? Okay, it will take some time to build your new tropical life, but the time is worth it!

    Start with clearing some space. Look around for wood, stones, and grass as they are quite good for building your hut. Check out old tree hollows and age-old boulders, as they may hide something valuable for you.

    Now proceed to creating your OWN FARM, botanical garden, orchard or ranch – you name it. Luckily there are some seeds and animals that also survived the crash. You can plant mango and papaya or simply a garden-bed of cabbage! Breed giraffes or hens and you can build your own animal yard!

    Be cautious, it is still a wild island with wild beasts. Don’t forget to protect your domestic animals and plants. Create your workshop, turn a piece of ironwood into a heavy club, bind quartz rock to it – you’ll get a perfect hand-axe to scare off all the beasts. Do not stop here, more adventures are to come!

    Hey, it looks like a TREASURE chest has washed ashore. Check it out, but be careful, there is something mysterious floating on the waves and some creepy pirate’s ghost is hiding nearby! Looks like you can’t just defeat them with your axe, you need something more serious! Not to worry, you can get some help from your friends!

    Hire Men Friday from Facebook, VK, Game Center for your tasks. Give them some tropical gifts, for example snakes or chimpanzees. Make your tropical paradise the most prosperous one and become the best Robinson of all time!

    What is waiting for you on the island?
    - More than 20 animals and more than 20 plants
    - 68 unique collectibles
    - 15 types of building
    - Over 300 quests
    - Regular updates

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