Rock Star- Match 3 kids Game

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    Rock Star- Match 3 kids Game Want to be a Rock Star? Play collecting precious gems, diamonds, rubies, valuable crystals to unlock levels and get cool $BLING$ for your boy or girl avatar. Watch your avatar transform into the coolest Rock Star in game land. Play away enjoying the cool sounds of rock music from Rock Star.
    A new and fun game for adults and kids of all ages to enjoy.

    - NO In-App purchasing or adds (Free apps contain In-App purchasing which are designed to scam your kids into making unauthorized purchases and are spammed with inappropriate adds or mal-ware)
    -Precious Gems
    Match Three (3) Game
    -Diamonds and Rubies
    -Rock Music
    - Beautiful graphics!
    - Beautiful graphics!
    - Ages: A fun game for all ages.
    - Made in the USA.

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