Rola Bola




    Rola Bola is a multi-player game, turn-based, which challenges the player to control the ball leading it to the opponent's goal without touching the players.
      Allows cross platform, online or local network sessions (in this case one of the machines must be Windows) or using only one machine alternating time.
      The game is played in two times of two minutes, in case of a tie the game is decided in the golden goal. It contains three difficulty levels, two viewing positions and two forms of control through the touch screen or tilting the device to tablets and keyboard, mouse, joystick and Leap Motion for desktops.
    It is a very simple game to be played, just take the ball to the opponents' goal without touching anything, other rules are explained in the section "how to play" inside the game.

    The challenge is to stay calm and exceed the accuracy of the opponent.

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