RoleDice is a virtual dice-roller. It's an app optimized to work on android tablets and phones alike, for rolling one or more dice.

    RoleDice consists of several roller-modules, enabling you to roll one or more dice, or combine several different dice for a single roll.

    The main focus of RoleDice is role-playing games, hence the name. Therefore, it also contains rpg-specific roller-modules, e.g. for Shadowrun and The Dark Eye (TDE/DSA). These RPG-specific modules make rolling during a game-session easy. The TDE-module, for example provides a character-manager, in which you can add your character with his/her attributes and skills, and then, during a session, simply select a skill and hit the "roll"-button - the app automatically uses the correct attributes you defined when you added the skill.

    The Shadowrun-module keeps track of karma spent during re-rolls (currently, Shadowrun Edition 3 is supported, later editions will be supported at a later time)

    Please note that the copyright for each role-playing system, names and logos belong to their appropriate owners, and that the author of this application is in no way affiliated with them.
    Furthermore I'd like to emphasize that this app is completely non-commercial, which means no fees, no ads, nothing.

    As of version 2.0, RoleDice requires two specific permissions to run:

    These permissions are
    1. Read from external storage (i.e. the SD-card or what your phone emulates as "external storage")
    2. Write to external storage

    These are explicitly requested permission, and they are required because a new feature has been added to RoleDice. From version 2.0, RoleDice has an Import-/Export Module, which can be utilized to backup all the characters to place on the SD-card. It can then be imported again - and if you copy that backup-file to other devices, you can synchronize them this way.
    The exported file is a proprietary file format and by default protected with a user-defined password using AES-encryption.

    Upon install, you will see the following permission-descriptions:
    1. "modify or delete the contents of your USB storage"
    2. "test access to protected storage"

    I only make use of the first of those permissions, as that is the permission I request by the two permissions described earlier. The second one is a permission that comes automatically with the read-/write-permissions in order to provide the means the test for the existence of USB-storage and features not yet implemented.

    All RoleDice does is write its backup-file to your external storage, and read it from there again - and only if and when you tell it to do so.

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