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    "Run Checkers" game is the another original mix of games from an indie developer, Fx Studio. This time it’s hybrid of the game like a monopoly and some kind of checkers, or backgammon's variation. You can also call it "Samurai Checkers".

    Simply shake a cup for dicing, choose your checker and direction of moving (clockwise or anticlockwise), trying to get a place of opponent's checker and hit to win a point. If more checkers are on the board, you need more points to win a match and go to the next level or unlock new modes...

    You have two kinds of bonuses:
    - Lucky Sevens, which you can bet on opponent checker before dicing, that you’ll get 7 results. If you win a bet, then you automatically hit your opponent checker, which you’ve chosen before. Collect Lucky Sevens bonus for every 7, ie. sum of the dices (1 & 6 etc).
    - Double Run. Simply choose your checker before or after dicing to double your round. You get Double Run for every double 6 (6 6) or double 1 (1 1) results of dicing.

    It’s all about probability, but you need to have some kind of strategy (especially in levels with more checkers) to win effectively every time in 3 modes of game: Easy ("warm-up"), PRO (with better AI and bonuses for Android opponent) and Multiplayer. If you are very lucky and smart, you can collect Gold Medals for victory with very "LowRounds" result on every level. Of course, you can always treat this game like a solitaire to start your day or just to make some fun before a sleep, so enjoy!

    Run Checkers contains third party's advertisements.

    Feature bullets:
    • 15 levels at 3 modes of game: Easy, PRO, and Multiplayer!
    • 2 kind of bonuses: Lucky Sevens and Double Run to have more fun!
    • Collect Gold Medals for victory with very "LowRounds" result on every level!
    • Oriental climate

    Soon as a Premium package will be available 2 new modes: Classic and Time Attack.

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