Scan Most Bluetooth Devices




    Scan Most Bluetooth Devices is an other kind of game.
    Your task is it to scan as much bluetooth devices as you can.
    Not only this, the game offers some nice features, to extend the fun factor !
    You always have the realtime state of your bluetooth adapter .
    There is an achievement system, which lets you unlock special game features, when you reach achievements !
    Also there is a complete ranking system, so you can mess up your enemies !
    To see the complete rankings, the scoreboard is there with filtering and searching options !
    You have the ability to look through the devices you've found.
    If you want to change your smartphone or tablet, your score will not be lost. The game offers a Backup- and Recoverysystem, so you'll never mind about loosing your score !
    At last you can customize the look of the game to your taste in the integrated settings.

    If you want to support me and the development of this game, there is an extra unlocked version of this game here in the market, where you don't have to wait to use all features in this game !

    This game is designed for Android 4 (ICS) !
    There might be bugs if you use it in Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) !

    I rejoice over all feedback you can give to make this game better !
    Hope you enjoy it !!!

    This game sends error reports to the developer, that are completely anonymous.

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