All you need to play Scattergories in your android phone! no need of paper or pencil!

    This game includes;
    - dice.
    - two minutes timer.
    - 12 lists of categories.
    - right/wrong answer system to track who win the game easier.

    (Each player must have a android phone)

    How to play:
    First of all, you have to decide how many list the game will long, any number betwen 3 and 12.
    Then all players have to go to the same list, and one push the letter button, and tell the other players which letter he rolled (every player must use the same letter). The players have 2 minuts to complete the 12 categories of the list whit words that start whit the indicated letter.
    when the timer stops, all players compares their words and assign the punctuation using the buttons of the right side.
    correct -> "V" (3 points)
    draw -> "=" (1 point,when more than 1 player answer whit the same word)
    incorrect -> "X" (0 points)

    You have to do this for each list. when you run out of lists, the player whit more points win!
    Enjoy the game and good luck!

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