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    ***** Winner of the Corona App of the Month Award! Now free for Android tablets for a limited time! *****
    ★★★★★ "We think this game rocks" -Jeff DeWaters
    ★★★★★ "This game is so great" -Aaron Baker
    ★★★★★ "No two games are ever the same ... My kids are constantly asking to play this one" -Loriffic
    "My sister and I have never laughed so hard. WHAT A BLAST." – Toddfsu

    Step into the medieval battle and build the higher Siege Tower to take over the enemy castle! In this fast and fun game made for two players sharing a tablet, your task sounds simple: drag the wood, spikes and cannons onto your wheeled base platform so that you'll end up constructing the higher tower. There's only three things in your way to an easy win: gravity, a ticking clock... and the other player, who is trying to build an even higher tower and whose cannons are directed at you!

    Siege Towers For Two, comes with fully randomized levels, generating endless game play variations. Every new round offers a different combination of items, which you can freely drag anywhere, and rotate by tapping. Once the battle begins you'll see how well your construction fares! The game starts right into the two-player action, ideal for a local multiplayer game in cafes, on the train, at home or anywhere else. And if you're not close to a friend, you can enter the training mode for one player to prepare for the battle. Construct wisely and don't fail your knights, or you'll hear the sound of splintering wood hitting the dusty road!

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