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    Published: 2013-01-21, by .

    Tap on the correct action and don't ever miss

    • Can be addictive at first
    • Design is poor
    • Too simple, no interest

    "The changing silhouette"

    SilhouetteSignal is a game for Android in which you need to tap on the correct button. How? When you see an image of a walking man, tap on Go, when you see a man standing still, click on stop and once something random appears, tap on the No way button.

    You should ignore the color or the position, just keep an eye on the silhouette and and concentrate on tapping always on the correct button in order to increase the score, but keep your reflexes in good shape, as you'll need to pay attention when the silhouette changes, as the game will end if you press on the wrong button.

    The design is poor and should definitely be improved, but the game can be quite addictive even though it's too simple and has no extra features. A limited app which can be entertaining at first, but it soon gets repetitive.

    dim_san is the developer of this simple game, a casual game which is poorly designed and it's hard to understand at first.

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    Ana Appszoom logo

    by Ana , Appszoom

    Jan 21, 2013


    This signal is weird.
    I is the signal completely unaccountable.
    It does not matter red or blue.
    I'm also playfully pattern of the display.
    However, I am able to go when the "pattern of walking."
    However, we had better stop me looks good when the "pattern has stopped."

    This game is a simple game reflexes.
    When you tap the "walking pattern" a "Go!!",
    When you tap the "pattern has stopped" to "Stop!!",
    When the "pattern" other came out I would tap the "No way!!"

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