Six Shooters

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    Do you have the skill to hit all twelve bandits in their weak spot before the targets drops away? Use your trusty six shooters to knock down metal targets in a test of speed and accuracy. Earn a final round score based on where you hit all the targets and how quickly you pulled off your shots. There are ten possible ratings based on your final score... see if you can make it to be in the top ranks! Or are you a yell'a belly?


    Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of limited ammo? No worries! Tap the "infinity" icon in the upper left to switch to infinite practice mode. You get all the reloads you need and an endless supply of bandit targets to engage. Or feel free to draw some nice pictures with your bullet holes in the wooden backdrop... after all... you have plenty of ammo and plenty of time waiting for your next plane to catch! Infinite mode also gives you instant feedback on your target shot reaction time. Challenge yourself to improve your speed for the next twelve-round limited shoot out. Just click the "infinity" icon again to toggle back to scored gameplay!


    If you should ever find yourself traveling back in time to the old-west days, and someone hands you a pistol in front of a metal target shooting gallery... with the help of this app... you will know exactly what to do. And if they ask "hey, where'd you learn to shoot like that?" - I just hope you reply... "my Android!"

    -- Dual six shooter "peacemaker" revolver pistols
    -- Multi-touch support for multiple shots at once
    -- Shot sound effects for instant feedback on hits
    -- "Infinity" button to toggle infinite target practice
    -- No advertisements or annoying banners!
    -- Ten ratings to "shoot for", try to score above 9000pts!

    WHY NOT?

    For the cost of a soda from the vending machine... this App will keep you busy for the next long wait at the bus stop. I recommend you give it a try! Thank you for your support!

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