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    Published: 2012-02-06, by Manu Galvez.

    SkyFrontier 3D is an arcade game in which you have to steer a spaceship to its goal

    • Challenging
    • Great timewaster
    • SkyRoads gameplay
    • No online leaderboards

    "Spaceship flying class"

    SkyFrontier 3D is based on the classic SkyRoads. If you've ever played, you know what we're talking about. If you haven't it's a game in which you have to steer a spaceship along different floating platforms jumping and avoiding blocks. That simple, not that easy though. The space vehicle moves really fast, so you will have to take advantage of your reflexes to avoid all the obstacles and reach the goal. If you crash against a block or a platform you'll have to start again. The same if you fall down the platform.

    There are up to 10 different zones with 4 levels each in the unregistered version. If you want to play "Alternative Levels" or the "Asteroid Belt" you'll have to create an account. What's more, it will unlock the "Level Editor" from where you can create your own stages.

    The 3D graphics aren't stunning but enough for this kind of games. The controls are simple: just tilt to steer and tap the screen to jump. No issues on screentouch response.

    Caffeteria Dev has done a great job re-making this game for Android devices. This way, nostalgics and newbies we'll be able to fully enjoy this classic.

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    Feb 06, 2012


    SkyFrontier 3D is a game exclusive for Android, based on the 1993 classic for PC, SkyRoads (Bluemoon). Other similar games are Trailblazer, Tasty Static, Orbit Hopper, HiRoads, and some tunnel games.

    Steer your space vehicle along the courses, floating through space, jumping and avoiding blocks. Use your reflexes and timing to get safely to your destiny, from Earth to Gliese 581c.
    The game features 3D graphics, nice musics and sound effects, 3 dificulty levels, 10 different zones, 80 levels spread over two game modes (with different ending scenes), two control options (sensor controls and on-screen controls), a casual mode for scores, and a Level Editor.

    SkyFrontier 3D is a FREE indie game! if you like SkyFrontier 3D, try SkyFrontier 2 (available on Play Store), the sequel with much more challenges!

    3D engine: jPCT-AE.

    If you have any problem or suggestions, just contact me:
    Take a look at caffetteriadev's games!

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